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PIECEs Scope: The PIECEs course is covering the main topics and skills an intensivist should know to keep up with every day’s challenges. The aim is to provide a high quality practical education for CCM specialists, helping them acquire basic and advanced skills, to provide the best care for their patients   PIECEs Target Audience: This continuous education format is suitable for junior / senior residents, ICU specialist, up to young ICU Consultants who are aiming to have a focused review on main CCM topics and guidelines, as well as experienced ICU consultants aiming to refresh their knowledge with the latest available evidence based medicine data.   PIECEs Course Structure: The structure of the PIECES course focuses on evidence based medical knowledge, summarizing the main CCM guidelines. The course’s main focus is to provide practical content, rich with case scenarios,  tree-algorithms and management decisions.   Course Guidelines:

  • Latest evidence based data
  • To the point practical education
  • Focus on management & decision making
  • Emphasize on clinical scope
  • Deliver experts’ experience through tips & pearls


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Estimated Time: 30 hours



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Hany ASSAAD Hany ASSAAD Author

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Management of Sepsis

Management of Shock

Critical Cardiology

Neuro-Critical Care

Critical Care Traumatology

Respiratory Critical Care

Acute Renal Failure

Critical Care Nutrition

Disaster Management

ICU environment

Major CCM Equations & Scores

ICU Skills & Procedures