HF Specialists Course


A Unique Comprehensive & Accredited course, preparing Heart Failure Specialists to provide the best care for their patients, through a high quality, updated & practical education.

Target Audience

Physicians concerned with the care of patients with heart failure, participating in the whole process of the diagnosis, management, follow up and rehabilitation of this special type of patients. Including: Cardiologist, Electrophysiologists, Interventionists, Internists, Intensivists, ER Specialists, and Clinical Pharmacists.

Course Design & Format

50 sessions (15 to 30 mins each) covering the whole range of fundamental understanding & advanced topics for the management of patients with HF.

The Full Course is divided into 3 Parts:
Part 01: 20 Online Presentations (Current Part)
Part 02: 20 Online Presentations (Coming Soon)
Part 03: 10 Hands-On Stations (on-site)

Course Information

Difficulty: Intermediate


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Course Instructor

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