SkyHigh EP Education Program

A continuous medical education program in the field of cardiac electrophysiology, designed by experts to provide a high quality education to EP specialist in Egypt, Middle East & North Africa – MENA Region. From basic electrophysiology to advanced conventional & 3D EP study & ablation procedures, covering basic noninvasive rhythm analysis tests, CIEDs implantation & extraction technique, programming follow up & patient education… the SkyHigh EP Program covers the full range of knowledge & skills electrophysiologists need to provide appropriate care to their patients. The program structure includes online education portal for on-demand / live transmission courses, pre/post course assessment tests, on-site interactive sessions and cath. lab training fellowships.

Our Aim:

The SkyHigh EP Education Program aims to provide an unlimited comprehensive high quality education in the field of electrophysiology (Rythmology & Stimulation).

Target Candidates:

Cardiologist & specialist interested in the field of electrophysiology, aiming to get a high quality advanced EP education.


The SkyHigh EP Education Program get advantage of the combination of online borderless education format as well as the one on one on-site mentoring by EP experts.

Prof. Mervat AboulMaaty Professor of Cardiology & Electrophysiology Director of the SkyHigh EP Education Program